Who works at Forex?

Who works at Forex?

Given the truly gigantic number of transactions conducted on Forex, as well as the trillions of dollars that pass through it annually, the question arises, who makes all these transactions for huge sums? Are only traders?

No, of course not. Private traders, though the largest part of the players in Forex, but they do not have so many foreign exchange transactions (as a percentage). Who works in the market besides them? Let’s see.

1) Private and commercial banks

Those for whom participation in foreign exchange trading is a chance to increase the liquidity of their own assets, as well as the fastest way to satisfy customer requests around the world.

The volume of operations of the largest commercial banks, such as Union Bank of Switzerland, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, is more than 1,000,000,000 dollars a day! Overwhelming numbers

2) Central banks of countries

Their activity is directed, first of all, at the regulation of the national currency rate. Buying and selling it on the interbank market has a strong influence on the rate, comparable only to the influence of the refinancing rate.

The greatest influence on Forex is enjoyed by banks of such countries as the United States, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

3) Currency Exchange

Engaged in the formation, regulation and support of exchange rates, as well as carry out the order of individuals for various foreign exchange transactions.

Today there are a lot of such exchanges, and the volume of operations of some of them (European Options Exchange, Sydney Futures Exchange, London International Financial Futures Exchange) sometimes exceeds the volume of commercial banks.

4) Dealing centers (brokers)

Companies providing private traders the opportunity to enter the foreign exchange market with the help of special programs (trading platforms).

The number of Forex brokers is increasing every day and more and more traders are attracted to their ranks.

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